Friday, October 9, 2015

Under The Freeway is a one-night event presented by artists Connie Noyes and Marvin Tate. The materials and methods used to produce this project are: Visual art, audio production, audience participation, interviews, and community involvement. The project poses difficult questions by highlighting the interconnected extremes of a classist society.

In order to attend this clandestine event, guests must find their way to the location by completing tasks and following guidelines created by the artists.  First, everyone must RSVP HERE.  If you possess the appropriate means, this will likely seem simple. However, if this is a struggle, please reach out to the artists for assistance. 

Follow the website UNDER THE FREEWAY for the latest updates and to find out how you can participate! All ARE WELCOME.



Under the Freeway was conceived by Noyes after receiving a cardboard box in her studio. Her studio, located at the junction of I-94 and I-55 in Chicago is less than 100 feet from where Chicago’s most invisible citizens make their home. The box arrived at a time when she was engaged with major designers, working on commissions for display in public spaces.  "The visual schism between these two worlds was the catalyst for this project." said Noyes.  As an artist, Noyes had struggled with the idea of displacement on several occasions, but the actuality of being homelessness is more fear than reality.

Others are not so lucky. Many citizens do not have the appropriate resources to overcome dire life events or escape from extreme poverty. As mental health and addiction programs cease to exist or become less affordable, as jobs are lost, and rents rise, homelessness increases. Even more intrinsic to the problem, our most vulnerable citizens are perceived by many to have no value.

JOIN US for this event UNDER THE FREEWAY!!



Friday, October 9, 2015 - 7:00pm

Special Event:

There is no special event for this exhibition.
RSVP is required for info to the location
RSVP is required to receive a map to the location Tickets will be required. Cost in based on ability to pay.
Phone: 415-299-1754



Tickets are available - recommended donation between $5-$25. If someone can’t pay or choses not to, we will ask you to complete a small task that will become part of the event. If you would like to participate and donate please contact us. Your donations and participation are invaluable!

Chicago-based artists include:

Connie Noyes, http://www.connienoyes.com Marvin Tate http://www.artistmarvintate.com