Crossing Borders

Welcome to Chicago Artists Month 2014, a five-week, 300+ event celebration fo the creative pulse and impulse of the city.  Chicago Artists Month (CAM) is presented by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.   In its 19th year, CAM offers a platform for Chicago-based artists and performers working in all media to promote and showcase their work, initiate collaborations and engage new audiences. 


2014 Theme:  Crossing Borders

Crossing Borders means leaving your neighborhood, your physical comfort zone, to explore the environs of others around you.  Crossing Borders means painting mixing it up with music, poetry in the kitchen - or dancing about architecture.  Crossing Borders means immigrants from afaraway lands making their homes in Chicacgo and transforming the creative sould with a little bit of Africa, or South America, or...     – actual physical borders, or conceptual, genre or societal borders, can be liberating, creative, stimulating, transgressive, dangerous, or affirmative.   Often it is life-changing.   CAM encourages participants to plan their program as a mash-up, crossing borders literally and figuratively – between neighborhoods and nations, within artistic genres, media and social scenes. 

Crossing Borders, the theme of Chicago Artists Month 2014, means you meeting us, meeting others, and in the process, changing the way we see the world, our city and ourselves.


Featured Event

Friday October 10, 2014 - 6:30PM (Door), 8PM to 11PM

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