Crossing Borders

Call for Participants
Artists, arts organizations and community organizations in all creative genres are encouraged to participate in the 18th annual Chicago Artists Month (CAM), thisOctober.  This year’s theme is "Crossing Borders."   Application deadline extended to June 25, 2014.  

About Chicago Artists Month

The 18th annual Chicago Artists Month (CAM) is a month-long festival that celebrates the creativity in every Chicago neighborhood during the month of October. CAM is a platform for Chicago-based artists and performers working in all media to promote and showcase their work, initiate collaborations and engage new audiences. CAM is a program of the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, in partnership with the Chicago Park District and numerous community partners.

CAM programs include exhibitions and performances, behind-the-scenes studio tours and neighborhood art walks, theater and dance productions, films, markets, classes, parades and conversations.  Presenters range from museums and artist collaboratives, galleries, theaters, film clubs, yoga studios, cultural centers, coffee houses and other organizations throughout the city.

Theme: Crossing Borders

The CAM 2014 theme is Crossing Borders. Proposal are encouraged, but not required, to engage the theme. Crossing Borders - actual physical borders, or conceptual, genre or societal borders - can be liberating, creative, transgressive, stimulating, hazardous, affirmative or all of the above. Often, crossing borders is life-changing. CAM encourages participants to plan their program as a mash-up, crossing borders literally and figuratively - between neighborhoods and nations, within artistic genres, media and social scenes.


CAM 2014 is an open call for submissions, from which up to 300 events will be selected and 12 will be featured. Programs must feature two or more Chicago-based artists, take place in a public venue, between September 27 and October 31, 2014.

Selected programs will be listed on the CAM website,, and in a print guide produced by Newcity, with additional marketing and publicity to be determined.

Featured Programs / Featured Artists  

Twelve CAM submissions will be selected as Featured Programs, based on the following criteria:  

  • Artistic Excellence
  • Diversity (artistic genre, media, discipline, geographic, demographic)
  • Preference to Multi-Arts
  • Collaboration (between neighborhoods, genres, demographically, or other)
  • Scheduling considerations
  • Embodying the theme, Crossing Borders  

Featured Programs will be invited to nominate participating Chicago-based artists as the 2014 Featured Artists will be selected.

How to Apply

Instructions and a program description are at

 To apply, go to to create an account or log in to your existing account. 

  • Go to YOUR DASHBOARD, click on the type of event you plan to submit.
  • Event choices are: Art Walk, Exhibition, Learning/Making, Performance, Studio Tour/Open House.
  • Complete the fields and submit your preliminary information.

When you submit your information, be careful to spell and punctuate everything correctly. Once approved, you will be able to edit your listing, add graphics and links. This is the information that will be used for press and media.

If you are new to CAM and have questions about presenting an exhibition or event this year, contact us for more information.

Application Deadline is extended to June 25, 2014.


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