In Our Own Words: Youth Development and the Arts

Pulaski Park- Free Street Theater- photo: Carey Primeau
  • Saturday, November 7, 2015 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Chicago is home to a vibrant youth development and youth arts community. We see the artistic work of young people on stages, gallery walls, and parks across the city but we rarely have the unfiltered conversation with the youth or their program partners to hear, in their own words, what youth value or find challenging about the work they do.

This event will feature brief performances and presentations by the youth; an unfiltered interactive discussion with youth about the arts and their role in development; followed by a Q&;A dialog with their program partners. 

Participants include:

Chicago Park District’s Arts IIIX Program: Patsy Diaz and Regina Raygoza.

Chicago Park District's TRACE Program: Valerie Bonds, Alexandria Eregbu, and Ivan Salazar.

Free Street Theater

Kuumba Lynx

Yollocalli Art Reach

This event is a component of the Arts in the Parks: The People's Studio exhibition.

Austin Town Hall
5610 W. Lake St.
Chicago, IL
Phone: 773-947-7378



This event is free and open to all ages.

Chicago-based artists include:

Participants include a variety of Chicago Park District programs and Arts Partner in Residence organizations including; Chicago Park District’s Arts IIIX Program, Chicago Park District's TRACE Program, Free Street Theater, Kuumba Lynx, and Yollocalli Art Reach.