Open TV: Pilots by Women & Feminine-Spectrum Artists


Sunday, November 15 from 2 - 5pm


What does television by feminist artists look like?

This program presents pilots released by Chicago-based online television platform Open TV beta. As a research project by Northwestern University professor Aymar Jean Christian, Open TV showcases artistic stories by and for queer, trans and cis-women and people of color, primarily in Chicago.

We invite guests to watch, give feedback to and meet the artists from the first four pilots for Open TV:

  • the exclusive premiere of "Let Go and Let God," a music and dance collaboration by Rashida KhanBey, Zakkiyyah Dumas and BoomScat (Asha Santee and Patience Rowe);
  • “Southern For Pussy,” by Zackary Drucker (co-producer, Transparent) and her mother Penny Sori;
  • “Nupita Obama Creates Vogua,” a collaboration between gender-nonconforming artists Erik Wallace, CAM Featured Artist Kiam Marcelo Junio and Saya Naomi, written by Dr. Christian;
  • and "Chapter One," the first episode of "You're So Talented," created by Sam Bailey.

The night will also include performances by the Chicago-based artists and refreshments.

Woman Made Gallery
685 N Milwaukee Ave
60642 Chicago, IL
Phone: (312) 738-0400
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How is the City your studio?

Open TV is a platform functioning as an arts incubator for talent historically marginalized by Hollywood. Chicago is an ideal city for experimenting with new media forms. Chicago artists are keen on collaboration, brimming with new ideas and unafraid to combine performance, music, video and other community-based arts. Television has always been collaborative in its production and community-based in its reception, so it’s an ideal way to harness Chicago and its artists as studio to create a new form of television. Open TV is releasing pilots to democratize TV’s studio-based production process; because of the scale of TV pilots (on average between $1-3 million), many artists, particularly women, are excluded from its production. Chicago is our studio for developing community-based television for the digital age, and it’s essential we screen and introduce artists in the city.