Connie Noyes

Artist Statement

How is the City your studio? "As an artist I often use the city as source material in my practice. There is an abundance of discards and unvalued items thrown into dumpsters or left on street corners. Under The Freeway is related to this part of my practice. For this project we are creating work that will transform the vulnerable, forgotten space under a freeway into a new community space - for the evening at least. The artists will act as conduits; intentionally building interpersonal trust among Chicago citizens to encourage conversation from diverse or even extreme perspectives."

Featured Artist Portrait by Joe Mazza | Brave Lux Chicago

My work examines the social constructions of idealized beauty and the values assigned to it by transforming inherited, found, forgotten, discarded, and unvalued materials. By creating complex, multi-layered, sculptural works that both reveal and mask what is beneath the surface, I hope to provoke the question: what constitutes beauty? The complex transformative process, both physical and emotional in the making, undeniably speaks to a personal narrative hidden in the layers of embellished discards. The paintings, as objects exemplify the existential struggle for existence while questioning the over-determined role beauty plays. In life as in art, true beauty is complicated.
Inspiration is found in materials, life and in the process of making. I rarely know what I’m doing when I begin. Nuanced experiences continually filter though my practice. The unknown becomes inspirational; to bring disparate elements together as a new whole is surprising and generates new perspectives. Honestly, everything I do is related to the way I learned to paint. The unknown is playful, which suddenly turns chaotic, full of struggle and doubt. I surrender, letting go of the outcome. Then magic happens. I understand this process now. It is what it is - in art and in life.
What's Next?
Early 2016, I will participate in the Center Program at HPAC to further develop The Kiss Project. Men from the on-line dating site OKCupid are invited to envision me as the woman they would most like to meet on a first date through a series of documented performances. Here I employ myself as the object of transformation while the men embellish me with make-up, false eyelashes and wigs to create their idealized beauty. Afterwards, since OK Cupid is an international dating site, I was invited by ZK/U in Berlin to participate in a residency next fall 2016.
Born in Washington D.C, Connie Noyes received her MFA from SAIC and MA degree in Psychology from NDNU, Belmont, California. Recent exhibits include, The 3rd Biennale International d’Art non-objective, Grenoble, France and the Summer Show at Salwa Zeidan Gallery, Abu Dhabi. Artists’ residencies include Emaar International Art Symposium in Dubai and Thupelo International Workshop in Cape Town, South Africa. Noyes’ work can also be seen in a number of corporate, private, and museum collections including, The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, The Ekstrom Library of Photographic Archives Special Collections, Louisville and Greenville County Museum, South Carolina and Neiman Marcus.