The People's Pamphlets


Friday, October 9 - Wednesday, November 25


The People’s Pamphlets is a risograph edition of 25 tri-fold pamphlets by contemporary artists. Brochures are not thematically oriented, rather they animate the interests of each individual artist in a wildly disparate, fantastically in-cohesive manner.

While digitally distributed media has fast usurped pen and paper as a means of communication, certain public spaces remain deeply hospitable to the dynamism and efficacy of print media. Festivals, welcome centers, information kiosks, transit depots, shopping hubs and the like remain stocked with brochures, bi-folds, tri-folds, pamphlets, fliers, and circulars—all free for the indiscriminate taking.

As a curatorial endeavor, the People’s Pamphlets is situated within of history of the artist-brochure in the broader context of artists' books and ephemera, and considers the continued relevance of print within sites of spectacle, tourism or travel – particularly as these spaces themselves continue to digitize. To that end, the project also operates within the broader history of cultural “festivalism” which has deep roots in grand tours, world’s fairs, biennials and, more recently, trade expositions and art fairs. The name is a nod to the Chicago Cultural Center, which was once coined the "People’s Palace" and remains central a destination for culture and…pamphlets.

Curated by Jessica Cochran.

Pamphlets By:   Conrad Bakker   |    Judith Brotman   |    Phaedra Call    |    Johanna Drucker   |    Gurl Don’t Be Dumb   |    Rachel Foster   |    Krista Franklin   |    Dianna Frid   |    Maria Gaspar   |    Lise Haller Baggesen Ross   |    Kelly Lloyd   |    Adelheid Mers   |    Michael Milano   |    Cathy Alva Mooses   |    Melissa Potter   |    Jilian Bruschera   |    Adam Pantić (Pulp & Pastry)   |    Ernesto Pujol   |    Academy Records   |    Maddie Reyna   |    Ryan Richey   |    Eric Ruschman   |    Fred Sasaki   |    Kyle Schlie   |    Leonardo  Selvaggio   |    Cauleen Smith   |    Shaan Syed   |    Sonja Thomsen   |    Ian Weaver     

Opening:  Friday, October 9 at 6 pm


Pamphlet-Making Workshop with Kyle Schlie: Satruday, October 17, 2-5pm

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Spudnik Press Cooperative
1821 W Hubbard Suite 302
60622 Chicago, IL
Phone: (312) 563-0302
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How is the City your studio?

The People's Pamphlets is a tribute to travel and travel-related ephemera. Each pamphlet acts as a small memento of an artistic practice within the city. Just like traditional pamphlets advertising tourist destinations, each artist-designed pamphlet encourages visitors to be sightseers, browsing the entire collection, and taking with them the "destinations" that are most interesting to them. In doing this, The People's Pamphlets exhibition treats individual artistic practices as sites ready to be explored.