Neighborhood Dances


Sunday, October 18 - Saturday, October 24

West Loop, Neighborhood Dances

Sunday, October 18 from 2 - 5 pm

Neighborhood Dances [WORKSHOP] 

The first effort to extend participation in an ongoing, daily series of microdances situated in front of the houses and storefronts of Chicago's neighborhoods. From DIY smartphone tripod construction to house front scouting to movement vocabulary, this workshop will equip participants with the tools and technique to make their own neighborhood dances.


Monday, October 19 - Saturday, October 24 from 8 am - 7 pm

Neighborhood Dances [DEPLOYED]

A team of Neighborhood Dancers will be deployed across Chicago’s neighborhoods to make a dance a day for the week of the 18th-24th. Dances will be scheduled and advertised for the public to witness, each resulting in a fifteen second video geotagged and broadcast to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. 

Saturday, October 24 from 7 -9 pm

Neighborhood Dances [PERFORMANCE]

Each participants’ dances will be archived and mined for movement material, workshopped over the week’s time, and choreographed into a performance to be showcased at 7pm on the 24th of October at Defibrillator Performance Art Gallery.

Defibrilator Performance Art Gallery
1463 W Chicago Ave
60642 Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 609-1137

How is the City your studio?

Neighborhood Dances takes very literally the idea that the "city is the studio," taking to sidewalks and house fronts all throughout Chicago's neighborhoods to create dance on camera. Not only is the action applicable to CAM's theme, but so is the frequency—that this is an ongoing, daily activity, a studio PRACTICE, taking place outside in the city’s neighborhoods. And now with the Workshop, Deployment, and Performance, I am enlisting additional Chicago artists and other interested participants in the act of making art in the public in this way. By giving them the tools and technique to make these dances and creating a system for them to be generated daily over a week's time, the city is very much the studio for this work.