Conversation Territory

Monday, October 19 - Friday, October 23

Conversation Territory is a pop-up placemaking event created by Territory Urban Design Team. The event launches October 16 with a two day placemaking charrette at Gallery 37. On Sunday October 18 our team heads out on the CTA with portable conversation spots designed to inspire a city-wide discussion about diversity and finding common ground. Conversation Territory culminates Sunday afternoon with a spontaneous presentation of the design team and their conversation spaces in Millennium Park . The artifacts and diary of our three days across Chicago will be on public display at Gallery 37, Centerspace Gallery, Monday through Friday, October 19-23.

Territory Urban Design Team is a team of Chicago high school students who are using design to making the city a healthier place for diverse communities. Territory includes teens from all sides of the city. No previous experience in design is required.

Initial Conversation

Friday, October 16 6-8:30pm 

Gallery 37, 5th Floor Centerspace Gallery


Exhibition: Conversation spaces on view

October 19-23

Gallery 37, 5th Floor Centerspace Gallery


Closing Event

October 25, 11am-4pm

Come meet the design team and see their work!

Gallery 37, 5th Floor Centerspace Gallery

Mobile Installations, Created and Launched from Gallery 37
66 E Randolph St 5th Floor
60602 Chicago, IL
Phone: (773) 848-7368

How is the City your studio?

Territory is an urban design studio for young people to create meaningful change in their communities. Territory works in public spaces: the city is our studio. Our design team for Conversation Territory represents teens from all nine “sides” of Chicago: from the far southeast side, to the northwest side. Our conversation spots will be created downtown, but will travel on public transit out into city neighborhoods, embodying significant but temporary safe community spaces.