Collected Voices: Chicago Ethnographic Film Festival

Thursday, Oct 29 - 6 to 8:30pm at Transistor Chicago and Saturday, Oct 31, 6-9:30pm Award Ceremony at Elastic Arts
Chronicles of the Summer by Ife Olatunji

Collected Voices, centers around original ethnographic works that explore the intersection of race, age, class, gender, and sexuality within Chicago society, as explored through short and feature documentaries and fiction films from Chicago based filmmakers and artist. These films capture the voices of individuals and communities through out the city. These films will be curated to not only highlight the work of Chicago based filmmakers, but expand the understanding of ethnography, and explore the diverse experiences of Chicago citizens. Each week a series of films will be shown, followed by a brief discussion of the films content and potential impact. Audience members will vote on the quality of the film.  All community selection screenings will be free and open to the public at Community Film Workshop. Attendees cqan RSVP or register at the door.

Themes  Thematic screenings create a space for authentic and introspective narratives from underrepresented ethnic groups, which are often excluded from major theatrical or digital release. 

October 2 - Community, History, and Politics    Films that look at how laws and discrimination practices are experienced in today's world. From comedy, to triumph over tragedy, these films demonstrate the impact of history on our current identity.

October 9 - Kinship, Children, Friendship, and Romance   Work that reveals uncommon images of love, hope, and commitment, while also illuminating the feelings of despair, anger, and hopelessness that are often silenced or ignored by society.

October 16 - Education, Art, and Spiritual  These films go deeper into eduction policy, practices, and impact on everything from art to the streets. Featuring youth produced and experimental films, these videos push the boundaries of ethnographic story telling.

October 23 - Best of the Fest Screening   A portion of the event will be a screening of honorable mentions and semi-finalist films, acknowledging all the filmmakers and community members for their participation.

October 27 - Best of Fest Youth Night (at Global Girl Inc. 8151 S. South Chicago Ave.) A screening followed by a Q&A from the director and producers.

October 29- Best of Fest Art Night (at Transistor Chicago 3441 N. Broadway) A screening followed by a Q&A from the director and producers.

October 31 Closing Night Awards at Elastic Arts  (at Elastic Arts) The Award Ceremony will feature a discussion with the Award Judges about the merits and importance of the films made and viewed in Chicago, followed by a screening of the winning films.   Awards for best Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Writer(s), and Producer(s),  best short film and best feature. The evening will conclude with a reception, networking and community building.

Community Film Workshop
6200 S Drexel Ave
60615 Chicago , IL
Phone: 773-606-7741
While you're there
Check out the Logan Center for the Arts, Nov 14 screening of "Making it Happen in Chicago" a documentary about the professional journey of two native Chicago comedians.
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