Artist Statement

How is the City your studio? "Chicago is the canvas to which I paint pictures with words and my creation happens in locations all over the city."

Featured Artist Portrait by Joe Mazza | Brave Lux Chicago

As a recording artist, I try to make extraordinary music for ordinary people.  It's hip-hop, soulful, upbeat and for the Everyman. It's also very reflective of my Chicago upbringing.
Life experiences and life lessons.  Good wine and good conversation usually spawns great music.
What's Next?
Kidz in the Hall is working on an album with Duckdown Records due out spring 2016.
MCing half of progressive rap duo Kidz in the Hall, Naledge was born Jabari Evans in Cincinnati, OH, but grew up on Chicago's South Side since he was two years old. Raised by two Ph.D.-educated parents, the high-school valedictorian academically had an easy time in school and found his niche in poetry and writing. However, it was cousin Memo, one-third of Chicago production outfit the Molemen, who convinced him to transform his writing prowess into hip-hop rhymes. He first met his DJ/producer partner, Double O, at the University of Pennsylvania and they collectively comprise what is known as Kidz in the Hall.