Artist Statement

How is the City your studio? "I might make my work in my studio or galleries- but all my inspiration comes from time spent out in the city. I love funny signs, great juxtapositions on the bus, or even just solving tricky spacial issues while walking around town- the best muse ever! The city itself is my canvas- exploring the geometry of abandoned railway structures with projected visuals, accentuating the beauty of trees along the lake with calming animated designs, and projecting exciting images on cars for parties in city alleys. “My City, Our City” makes all of Chicago the artist. I’m just providing the gallery." Like much of my work, “My City, Our City: A Photo Mashup” fights the negativity and hatred in the world by focusing on accentuating the positive. It centers on a simple, but powerful idea: we’re all the same. All over the city of Chicago, every single one of us has things we care about, things that make us smile, people and places we love completely. By engaging the whole of the city to decorate our sculpture with what moves them, we’re presenting a live, one-day, ephemeral glimpse into the heart of an entire metropolis through images they’ve collected. We’re not all that different after all.

Featured Artist Portrait by Joe Mazza | Brave Lux Chicago

I create large, interactive sculptures that respond to a touch, tap, or movement- letting everyone mix up their own personal flavor of art with music, projection, and sound. I like to build puzzles to figure out and artistic toys to play with using physical sensors, spaces that react to (or create) music and sound, multiple projectors, and cardboard sculptures built from digitally-designed 3D models. I’m particularly interested in new and interesting ways to represent geometric forms and how shapes can travel around them. And I love seeing how people play with my creations.
I play for a living- dreaming up fun ideas, illustrating, animating, painting, and projecting. And the world needs more play! What if feuding world leaders met on the playground first? I’m also inspired by the many wonderful little spaces in Chicago. I love riding my bike all over- it’s the perfect way to see what most miss every single day in this great city. I love to connect with people through my work- everyone’s got their favorite spot they love to relax, their favorite smiling face, their favorite building... I want to share those things with them through my art.
What's Next?
I’m debuting a new minimalist pixelated sculpture for this year’s Ingenuity Cleveland (a 3-day overnight art festival of light) and working on building an interactive carnival and other ideas for an entirely interactive art show with several other visualists in Chicago this year as well. And always exploring new ways to amaze and delight!
I’ve been drawing and making things move since I first learned to make flipbooks in the 3rd grade. Me and my pencil have been an inseparable pair for years and years!! Then- after a decade of exhibiting silly monster paintings while animating and illustrating for big brands in marketing and advertising- I was looking for a way to make art that REALLY came alive. Building big, bright interactive sculptures people could play with totally hit the spot… with its infinite possibilities of input and output and all the fun ways to combine making, doing, and exploring. Onward- to adventure!