Artist Statement

How is the City your studio? "Chicago, is my studio, a space for making something out of nothing, envisioning and experimenting--framing my family memories and tragedies for more than four generations, city policies impacting personal histories, giving and taking possibilities. This city, the people, the buildings, its perfect grid bones and working class heart, DuSable, Fosse, Fred Hampton, Chaka Khan, Phylliss Hyman, Minnie Ripperton, Rekia Boyd, the AACM, Soul Train, Pulaski Day, race riots, police torture, city with a neighborhood for every nation, so you could travel the world on a supertoken,/transfer/ 30-day pass. The patronage politics and corruption, the flow of resources, bodies, wind, water and energy, a childhood spent smelling chocolate on the wind...Chicago, from the 100's to Howard Street, the Lake to Lake and Austin...where I hone my skills of accent and anonymity, code-switching between neighborhoods, 16 inch softball and shape shift to survive..."

Featured Artist Portrait by Joe Mazza | Brave Lux Chicago

I carve and hold spaces for movement, for the body to re/member itself, and it's wisdom. I make/build/create urban folk performance spaces, shape ritual dance theater experiences, and explore the possibility of the dancing body as a source of sacred knowledge.
Touch. Body. Sounds. Fractals. Tesla. Gardens. Elders. Survivors. Mystics and Misfits. Harmonics and Mathematics. Blackness. Connection and Isolation. Radical Inclusion. Compassion. Sharing...House Music.
What's Next?
I am very excited about The Chicago House Institute, its first year of programming, and the exhibit "El Trains and Alley Entrances: Navigating Chicago through House Music", in collaboration with The Modern Dance Music and Archiving Foundation, at the Old Town School of Folk Music, October 2, 2015.
Boogie McClarin is a Chicago-based teaching artist, dancer, and choreographer committed to helping individuals explore personal struggle, power, and liberation. Using a vocabulary steeped in diasporic exploration, sustained improvisation, and folk forms, she creates ground breaking works exploding the myths and matrices of oppression with sound and movement. A pioneer in teaching of urban dance forms and House Dance culture, Boogie has taught at Roosevelt University, Indiana University Bloomington, and Columbia College Chicago. She currently teaches for the Old Town School of Folk Music, Kuumba Lynx, and at the Progressive Independent School in Lincoln Park.