Artist Statement

For us as Graffiti artists, the city is literally our studio, canvas, critic, and mentor. Our artwork takes on a life of its own after it gets painted on a wall. We as artists can plan it out and labor over the image and its message, but once it is up, it interacts with any individual that engages with it. Over time that message might change and the image gets altered, but that is all part of the art form as well as the city itself.

Featured Artist Portrait by Joe Mazza | Brave Lux Chicago

Our art represents the evolution of Chicago Graffiti, concentrating on the original Logan Square Graffiti scene. The Logan Square neighborhood is one of many where kids learned the elements of hip-hop through street education. ABC’s work from 1982 onward can be seen on our website ( It showcases our old-school Chicago Graffiti style, that focuses on bold, basic, and beautiful letters. Since the 80’s, our art has evolved from tagging buildings, to DIY gallery spaces, to fully realized murals. However all of our pieces, big or small, contain traditional graffiti typography with bold colors and simple fades.
Our inspiration comes from our urban surroundings and the desire to remove the stereotype that comes with those holding cans of spray paint. Whether a piece is created to commemorate those who have passed or is an artistic community project, the interactions local citizens have with the pieces in their daily lives pushes us to continue our work. Graffiti in Chicago is now four decades deep, and providing a positive environment for new and developing artists is a huge drive for us. It has given the art form respect, and that constantly inspires us.
What's Next?
The Artistic Bombing Crew will continue building on the work, projects, and connections we have established in Logan Square. We plan on collaborating with other artists across Chicago and creating events that encompass the elements of Hip Hop. BboyB plans to open a School of Graffiti Art, and continue “The Writers Bench”, a local graffiti gathering, and “Battle for the Eagle”, a Hip Hop festival and breakdance competition. Flash is working on a historical book, will continue to rotate the “Project Logan” wall, and seek new artists to contribute and document.
Artistic Bombing Crew was formed in 1982 by Angel and BboyB, and in 1985 added Trixter, TAKE 2, and Risk. Flash became the crew’s photographer and provided documentation for their pieces, which he continues to do to this day. By 1987 most ABC members had retired from illegal painting. BboyB started the “Flypaper”, the first free Chicago newspaper about Chicago’s underground Hip Hop culture, and “The Writers Bench”, a local annual hip-hop festival. Additional ABC projects include painting at the “Meeting of Styles”, organizing Logan Square graffiti battles, a pop-up storefront during the Milwaukee Ave Arts Festival, and curating the rotating mural production “Project Logan” in Logan Square.